The Affordable & Easy Online Communication System.

Say goodbye to expensive extra SIM cards, data plans and landlines with a simple online communication system for your business calls, texts and communications.

Getting start with only 3 Steps

1. Claim a number as your own

Get local or toll-free usa and canada phone number or existing one for free.

2. Use on the web

Use SwingText across all your devices to stay connected.

3. Start calling and texting

Try SwingText free for 7 days - no commitment required.

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Go inside each feature of SwingText

Phone Numbers

Easily get different numbers for work or get existing numbers for free

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Group messaging, automatic replies, scheduled messages, private messages and more.

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Call with powerful configuration features that will enhance your team.

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Designed to keep pace with your business and improve how your team communicates

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Customize your team's address book with custom features and notes

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Improve your workflow and gain insights into your business

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Why use SwingText?

Affordable price

At our company, we are providing low cost messaging and calling services with users in mind

Reliable customer support

Contact our support team seven days a week or get any of your questions answered easily.

Accessible to any country

SwingText works well on WiFi, 4G, and LTE so you can always switch to your best network for the most reliable connection.

Swing Text Web

You can easily log into the web and make messages and calls anytime

Ready to improve your team's communication?

Experience SwingText for yourself and see how easy it is to improve your business communications.